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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is no longer just about cost cutting. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses are looking to BPO partners as an important part of their customer service strategy. Changing market perceptions and new technologies are enabling businesses to outsource functions that would not have been possible just a few years ago.

Innovatia, the company that originally designed and developed ProcedureFlow, provides a wide spectrum of knowledge management services and software. One of their business units provides technical support outsourcing services to several large multinational corporations. Their goal is to provide outstanding service to their customers by first hiring and developing the right people, and secondly, by equipping them with the tools they needed to confidently serve customers, including ProcedureFlow!

“We had to make rapid and fundamental changes to our business and ProcedureFlow has played a key role in helping us get to those changes.”

Rob Keefe, Director of Technical Support

Innovatia chose ProcedureFlow to develop and deliver their complex customer support processes across all touch points. Doing so had a strong and positive impact on their ability to provide consistently great service to their customers.

Innovatia’s use of ProcedureFlow impacted much of their technical support operational processes:

  • 5% increase in customer satisfaction and 20% reduction in escalations by improving consistency of information and increasing employee confidence.
  • Training time was reduced from 13 weeks to 5 weeks by providing a single repository that guides new employees through a multi-stepped, complicated training curriculum.
  • 110% increase in the amount of complex work transferred to lower cost geographies by having repeatable, less error-prone workflows.
  • Employees are provided with the performance support they need to manage highly complex procedures with minimal support.
  • Reduced time to implement customer service transformation activities, allowing them to be even more nimble and responsive to their customers.

ProcedureFlow enables outsourcing of key business functions:

  • Create processes 40% faster than traditional publishing tools. The knowledge transfer from customer to BPO is done quickly and effectively.
  • Focus on the quality of service delivery. Employees have easy access to the most up to date and complete information, and the knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible customer experience.
  • BPOs have the added bonus of higher customer retention and attraction rates. You can easily demonstrate how easy it is to onboard and ensure their customer satisfaction by using ProcedureFlow.
  • Allow both the customer and the BPO to contribute to maintenance of all procedures and content, making changes as needed. Both partners are immediately notified of changes in a timely and visual manner, keeping a continuous flow of communication, expertise and knowledge between the parties.
  • Provide performance support that results in improved accuracy and consistency for all employees, regardless of their location.

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