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Accelerating time to proficiency

Whether it’s a new associate joining the team, or a senior associate taking calls on a new program, it takes time for associates to gain experience and become proficient at handling customer calls. Many contact center agents are relying on memory or searching through long reference documents while trying to meet customer needs.

Assurant wanted to find a different way for their associates to access the correct and accurate information quickly so they could keep their clients moving forward while delivering optimal service. ProcedureFlow was initially called into service when bringing on a new and very strategic client.

ProcedureFlow is an integral part of our employee performance architecture to successfully transition employees from training to production, support employees through change, and evaluate process adherence. It’s also a medium to facilitate process improvement discussions to continuously improve employee behaviour, customer experience, and adherence to legal, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Amanda Menard
Amanda Menard Director of Operations Administration

Simplifying processes to reduce training time

Assurant wanted to find a faster and simpler way of documenting existing processes and delivering them to associates. Working with ProcedureFlow, the first set of processes were mapped and launched to new employees in less than 2 weeks.

ProcedureFlow provided detailed, step-by-step, easy to follow work instructions that gave associates clear direction on what to say and what to do while speaking with customers in real time. To ensure the knowledge transferred from training to the floor, associates walked through real call scenarios using ProcedureFlow from day 1.

This 'learning by doing' helped to reduce training time and allowed new associates to become experts much faster.

ProcedureFlow helps launch processes quickly even when unanticipated changes are made on the fly during training.

Amanda Menard
Amanda Menard Director of Operations Administration

By implementing ProcedureFlow, this insurance company can communicate new processes and change to processes quickly, help their associates to become experts faster across multiple lines of business in Canadian Operations.

Empowering associates from day one

Not only are associates more confident from day one, but user adoption is increased. Easy feedback and collaboration allow associates to feel empowered to own the processes and make a difference.

In a business that protects what matters most to customers, establishing trust and providing the best possible customer experience is essential. Associates are now more confident in their ability to provide the best customer experience.

About Assurant

With roots tracing back over 100 years, Assurant helps their clients protect what matters most to more than 300 million people across the globe. Assurant is a global provider of risk management solutions to a wide variety of businesses that serve the housing and lifestyle markets, protecting the places consumers live and the goods they buy. Assurant partners with the companies that make, sell and finance homes, cars, appliances, electronics, and mobile devices, helping people get the most value they can from those purchases after they bring them home.

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