Paul Sanders

“ProcedureFlow helps organizations facilitate one of the primary goals of process improvement, which is to develop a culture of continuous improvement, where all employees are actively engaged in collectively getting better at what they do.”

Andrew Jefferies

“With ProcedureFlow, our SOC2 and other compliance audits have become much easier now that we can quickly point to our thorough procedural controls.”

Andrew Jefferies, VP of Managed Services at Bulletproof
Tom Fougerousse

“I’m a total fan of ProcedureFlow. If you’re of the e-Myth mindset and want to roll out and manage systems and procedures then you need to check them out. A well executed implementation of their software will help you improve your company substantially.”

Customer Stories

Medavie Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross

Decreasing escalations to tier two by 50%.

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JM Bullion

JM Bullion

Improving critical operating processes.

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Increasing efficiencies in compliance audits.

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Trauma Healing Centers

Trauma Healing Centers

Improving speed, accuracy, and patient care.

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Law firm

Law Firm

Increasing efficiency and decreasing training time.

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Customer Service Company

Customer Service Company

Decreasing average handle time for new hires by 31 seconds.

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ProcedureFlow is used by many great organizations, including:

Medavie Blue Cross Bulletproof Solutions Enbridge Gas New Brunswick HealthConnect Mariner Partners JM Bullion Innovatia Trauma Healing Centers Stewart McKelvey

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