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Improving critical operating processes

Company JM Bullion
Industry E-commerce

We now have a living source of information that people actually willingly open up and refer to. We can ensure we’re all on the same page across any department. We’re not as vulnerable to turnover. Training has been improved and even refreshers are easy!

Thomas Fougerousse VP of Operations

A single source of truth for employees

In a rapidly growing company, procedures and knowledge inconsistencies are common, even when you have training documentation and employee manuals. It’s difficult to ensure consistency in execution, and the maintenance of written standard operating procedures is cumbersome and time consuming. The solution? Implement an easy-to-use knowledge management tool that has all employees operating consistently 100% of the time!

Recognized by Inc. 500 as the fastest growing supplier of precious metals in the United States, JM Bullion offers a huge selection of the highest quality gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium products, allowing its customers to purchase bullion they can physically hold, as opposed to merely owning “on paper”. Working directly with mints and distributors, JM Bullion is the price leader for their industry and provides their investors with award winning customer service.

JM Bullion first learned about ProcedureFlow in the context of call scripting; however, it soon became clear that it could be used for nearly everything! In fact, they now use ProcedureFlow for customer service, billing, returns and claims, human resources, merchandising, procurement, IT and financial processes.

I’m a total fan of ProcedureFlow. If you’re of the e-Myth mindset and want to roll out and manage systems and procedures, then you need to check them out. A well executed implementation of their software will help you improve your company substantially.

Thomas Fougerousse VP of Operations

Improving knowledge sharing through process documentation

There were key strategic factors that lead JM Bullion to implement ProcedureFlow:

  • ProcedureFlow provides a single source of truth that can be accessed from any location. This has proven to be significant for any company who has to train remote employees.
  • ProcedureFlow allows you to easily create and update process documentation. And it offers a powerful and unique crowdsourcing capability to do so.
  • It increases consistency, predictability and quality across the entire organization. You can ensure that all employees are using the same processes, no matter where they are located.
  • ProcedureFlow enables you to document “as is” processes and forces you to think about them in a logical and objective way. This ensures that you can quickly see gaps and potential opportunities for improvement.
  • ProcedureFlow makes processes easy to follow and understand, regardless of how complicated the information is. As a result, escalations from the contact centre were greatly reduced, because employees have all the information they need to assist customers, right at their fingertips.

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