Turn your company’s processes and expert information into an accessible, easy-to-use management tool.

Ditch the 200 page manual that no one reads and join the ProcedureFlow revolution. Create standard operating procedures that people actually enjoy using.

Visualize your process

Use small hyperlinked flowcharts to represent complex expert knowledge. Working through your processes in a visual and logical way will help you spot waste and make improvements right out of the gate.

  • 7 simple shapes
  • Add text and images
  • Quickly create sub-flows
Visualize your process

Assemble the team

Quickly add the right people to the process and assign ownership. User invites and permissions are simple and intuitive. Give your IT team a well-deserved break.

  • Add members
  • Assign process ownership level
Assemble the team

Use and drive your processes

Now that everyone can see inside the heads of your experts, use the flows to reduce training and mentoring time by 50-90%. Watch quality go up and task completion time go down.

  • Backglow
  • Star flows
  • Instant title search
Use and drive your processes

Improve by use

Let your team suggest changes in a meaningful way and create engagement by approving their suggestions. Promote social collaboration and sharing of best practices.

  • Drafts (no locking)
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Simple approval system
Improve by use

Trust the flows

As your whole team starts to engage in the process, watch consistency and customer experience soar. Change notifications keep everyone up to date with all the latest process changes.

  • Change notifications
  • Audit trail
Trust the flows

Monitor process adoption

Run a quick report to see who is looking at their change notifications. You can also see who has logged in recently and coach employees who are falling behind.

  • Unreviewed changes report
  • Recently active date
Monitor process adoption

Easily integrate with tools you use today

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