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Remove process complexities around coverage, enrollment and claims

Equip contact center and back office teams with visual knowledge that is easily searchable and consumable and let ProcedureFlow guide your employees through complex procedures.

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Improving member access, care and experience starts with your agents

Train faster

Reduce Training Time

ProcedureFlow provides visual step-by-step guides that simplify complex processes, enabling users to quickly understand and follow procedures — as they’re onboarding and learning.

Agent proficiency

Increase Ramp to Proficiency

By providing easy access to relevant knowledge, ProcedureFlow can reduce the time it takes for agents to get up to speed, which can help improve performance and subject matter expertise.

Boost service quality

Eliminate Process Errors

Regularly align end-to-end business processes by having every employee working with the same, centralized information to ensure members get the information they need — when they need it.

ProcedureFlow Customer Use-Cases

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ProcedureFlow simplifies complex processes related to benefits eligibility and usage by providing visual flows that guide agents through each step, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

With centralized access to relevant information, ProcedureFlow streamlines the determination of eligibility, simplifies the enrollment process, and facilitates the tracking and utilization of benefits, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors.

User interface of ProcedureFlow's health coverage dashboard
User interface of ProcedureFlow's enrollment navigation


Experience a transformative shift in membership and enrollment processes with ProcedureFlow. Say goodbye to manual and error-prone methods, and embrace a collaborative solution that simplifies and enhances the entire membership journey.

Allowing agents to quickly respond to member requests for new or existing service changes during open and peak seasons has never been easier.



With ProcedureFlow's intuitive interface, intricate claims procedures are simplified into easy-to-follow visual flows. This enables claims processors to navigate each step seamlessly, ensuring consistency and reducing the risk of errors.

From initial intake to final resolution, ProcedureFlow guides users through the entire claims process, eliminating confusion and minimizing the need for extensive training.

Example usage of claims procedures

Results seen across our healthcare insurance customers

Faster training


Faster cross training

Call reduced


Mentor assist calls eliminated

AHT reduced


Reduction in average handle time

Customer Testimonial

"ProcedureFlow allows our CSR’s to easily drive through our complicated systems and processes. It lets them focus on offering the best service to our members. As a result, we reduced the number of calls to our Tier Two support line by 40%. This has a significant impact to our customer service and to our bottom line."

Medavie Blue Cross
Director of Member Experience

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