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Delivering excellent customer services by improving complex calls

Company Medavie Blue Cross
Industry Health Insurance


Reduction in Escalations


Increase in first call resolution

Empowering members by simplifying complex calls

Trust, privacy and compassion are all qualities that individuals and businesses seek in their insurance provider, and that importance is compounded when it is your health insurance provider. For these reasons, insurance providers need to enable and empower their employees to provide award winning customer service to their clients. Medavie Blue Cross is no exception!

For 70 years, Medavie Blue Cross has been a not-for-profit health services partner for individuals, employers and governments across Canada. Administering more than $3.3 billion in claims annually, they provide health, travel, life and income replacement products to group and individual members, and administer various provincial and federal government-sponsored health programs.

As you would expect in this line of work, calls can be very complex, and this can impact member experience. Medavie values their members, and they are focused on continuously delivering excellent service by improving and simplifying their most complex calls. They know their members are busy and want a consistent, efficient contact on every call. This is where ProcedureFlow comes in!

ProcedureFlow allows our CSR’s to easily drive through our complicated systems and processes. It lets them focus on offering the best service to our members. As a result, we reduced the number of calls to our Tier Two support line by 40%. This has a significant impact to our customer service and to our bottom line.

Director of Member Experience

Capture knowledge through visual processes

To fully leverage ProcedureFlow, Medavie uses it to capture the knowledge and experience of their best performers into a single source of truth for every employee. As a result, all employees, including new team members, have the confidence and expertise to provide guidance and deliver value to Medavie’s many members. Medavie’s employees love it and their members, and their bottom line, are reaping the many benefits:

  • Escalations from the Contact Centre to Tier Two Support line reduced by 40%.
  • Employees have all the information they need to provide their members with an excellent member experience right at their fingertips.
  • Procedures are mapped out in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, which improves both quality and consistency.
  • First Call Resolution increased by 6%.
  • Employee experience and training is improved, as training transforms into “learning by doing”.
  • ProcedureFlow removes the difficulty of trying to navigate through complicated systems and processes, allowing agents to focus fully on providing the best experience to their members.

Using ProcedureFlow, Medavie’s employees become experts faster. They feel confident in what they do and it shows. In a business that relies on trust, compassion and privacy as a critical part of their operations, Medavie’s employees are confident in what they do and are able to provide the best possible care to their many members.

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