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We’ve built partnerships across the worlds leading service and technology companies to put the customer experience at the core of all you do. Creating a seamless experience for your customers and employees, between technology, teams and departments.

Benefits to using ProcedureFlow:


Lower operating costs


Greater process adoption


Shorter training times


Improved customer satisfaction

Our integrations


Easily integrate ProcedureFlow into Genesys' multi-channel system. As Agents handle interactions across different channels, ProcedureFlow gets the information they need, for the customer inquiry, right to their screens.

Nice inContact

When you integrate ProcedureFlow with your customer interaction channels, agents are instantly presented with the exact process steps they need to assist your customers. They’ll know who the customer is, what they need and which process to execute, all before even saying hello.


Single sign-on through Talkdesk allows for quick access to ProcedureFlow’s revolutionary approach to knowledge sharing. Allowing your agents and administrators to access and update processes and users directly from within Talkdesk.

Microsoft Dynamics

This integration allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP users to better run their business operations by embedding company specific processes inside of Dynamics 365. This helps ensure that your employees always have the correct and most up-to-date information directly at their fingertips.


When you combine the power of Salesforce and ProcedureFlow, your team will have access to a step by step guide for every sales scenario they’ll encounter. As another tab directly inside Salesforce, ProcedureFlow gives teams everything they need to ensure a consistent and smooth sales cycle.

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