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For getting started

  • Linked Visual Flows
  • Change Notifications
  • Side-by-Side Comparisons
  • Flow Data Access
  • Separate Flow Groups
  • Memberships and Permissions
  • Revision Control
$25 USD per month/per user billed annually


For growing teams

    Everything in Teams, plus:
  • Offline Backup functionality to guarantee that critical process information be accessible if there is a network outage or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Single Sign-on with SAML 2.0 which offers a secure way for users to access multiple applications through prior authentication and a single set of login credentials
$27.50 USD per month/per user billed annually



For getting started


For growing teams


For larger teams

Core Functionality

Linked Visual Flows

Centralize organizational processes for easier access to important information

Change Notifications

Expedite process collaboration and ensure all users can be kept in the loop

Side-by-Side Comparisons

See changes before they’re applied to ensure no errors are being produced

Flow Data Access

Export all flow data in a more automated way to streamline process adjustments

Enhanced Collaboration

Coming Soon

Additional functionality to better manage content feedback from users and to support multiple drafts at a time

Managing Users & Flows

Separate Flow Groups

Simplify information hierarchy based on certain topics, requests, departments and more

Memberships and Permissions

Ensure the right levels of an organization have access and autonomy to information, approval requests and platform changes

Revision Control

Trace and monitor process improvements to see how internal knowledge management procedures evolve over time

Offline Backups

Ensure critical process information is accessible if there is a network outage or other unforeseen circumstances

Single Sign-on (SAML 2.0)

A secure way for users to access multiple applications through prior authentication and a single set of login credentials

Embedding [Authenticated]

Allows ProcedureFlow to live within an organization's existing CCaaS or CRM systems to ensure timely information transfer and knowledge sharing

SCIM - User Provisioning

User provisioning and deprovisioning can be automated and will help seamlessly integrate existing employee database systems


Unreviewed Changes

See what changes need to be reviewed, accepted, and pushed in order to keep processes up to date

User Activity

Gain an inside look at top performers and employee performance based on their usage

Most Viewed Flows

See which flows are the most utilized to help uncover areas of improvement

Customer Success

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Unlock tailored support based on organizational needs, questions, and success criteria

Annual Price / User

$300 USD

$330 USD

$390 USD

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g2 easiest setup
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g2 high performer
g2 easiest to do business
Implementation and Education Services

We help you simplify the complicated

Just like our product, we designed our onboarding services with simplicity in mind. Choose one of our three base packages and speak with one of our sales consultants to determine what level of onboarding works best for your organization.

We take a unique approach to onboarding by working with you and your team to implement a step-by-step framework that focuses on continuous improvement to ensure your processes are being built the right way.

Onboarding process
Customer Testimonials

Hear from our customers!


ProcedureFlow is an integral part of our employee performance architecture to successfully transition employees from training to production, support employees through change, and evaluate process adherence.

Amanda Menard
Amanda Menard
Director of Operations Administration
30% increase in Productivity Savings

Frequently asked questions

What is the definition of a ProcedureFlow “user”?

We define a ‘user’ as anyone who sets up a ProcedureFlow account within your organization. You are billed for each ProcedureFlow user. For example, Admins, Contributors, and Viewers are all considered users in ProcedureFlow and each role is billed the same.

How much does ProcedureFlow cost annually?

Depending on what base package you choose, the average annual price per user will range from $300-$390 USD with the Teams price being $300 USD, the Standard price being $330 USD and the Enterprise price being $390 USD.

Dedicated Customer Success support is already included in the Standard and Enterprise packages and additional implementation and education service add-ons (pricing may vary) can be requested as well.

How do ProcedureFlow packages work?

We ask that you decide which of our three base packages (Teams, Standard and Enterprise) works best for your organization and then speak to someone on our team about the level of onboarding support that is right for your business needs.

When you request a demo , someone from our sales team will sit down with you, show you our platform functionality, and work to understand your needs to ensure you are picking the right package for your organization.

More questions?

For more information, please check out our help page and support articles here or sit down with one of our expert sales consultants by submitting your contact information here .

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