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We help businesses and organizations be the best they can be. No one wants to deliver bad service or products to customers. You started a business so you could bring value to others and offer them something unique and special. As your organization grows though, it becomes harder to retain that “special sauce” that your customers love; inconsistencies creep in and best practices don’t get shared properly. ProcedureFlow exists to help companies capture their best practices in a way that’s easy to follow and share them across the whole company. This will result in higher quality work and consistently great customer experiences.

Our Story

In 2001, Innovatia was providing tech support services for Nortel Networks. Complex products, systems and procedures resulted in 10 weeks of training and a 900 page process binder. All that effort did nothing to comfort new agents taking their first customer call; real tears were shed. Innovatia, true to their name, started developing a performance support tool to solve the problem. Using small hyperlinked flowcharts, they worked to build a product to help visualize the way a subject matter expert thinks. This turns out to be amazingly effective at guiding new employees through long, complex and exception-riddled procedures. The effect? Innovatia reduced training time by over 90%, support time by more than 50%, and average handle time by 40-70%. They now had a very happy client and the agents loved it. ProcedureFlow was launched and incorporated as Gemba Software Solutions on April 9, 2015 and is now helping a growing list of companies across many industries deliver the same results to their organizations.

Our Board

  • Daniella Degrace

    Daniella Degrace

    CEO of Gemba Software Solutions Inc.

    Daniella has more than 20 years of entrepreneur experience in high growth software technology companies. Most recently she was the EVP Customer For Life at Radian6 and Salesforce where she led customer success growth strategy. Prior to Radian6, Daniella led customer solutions delivery at Q1 labs, Alcatel and iMagicTV. She is now the CEO of Gemba Software Solutions Inc. Daniella is passionate about coaching startups, has a never ending supply of energy, an unquenchable curiosity, and a heartfelt philanthropic commitment.

  • Dave Grebenc

    Dave Grebenc

    Co-CEO of Innovatia Inc.

    Dave Grebenc has over 30 years experience in the telecom and IT industry leading business strategy, product development, sales and marketing. He was recently inducted to the Atlantic Business Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame. Dave, along with his business partner, Roxanne Fairweather, co-lead a workforce that has grown to employ over 600 people. He has taken an active leadership role on a number of boards and committees such as the Premier Advisory Council on Technology, co-founding and chairing the New Brunswick Information Technology Council, and co-chairing the UNB Computer Science advisory board. He also chaired Propel ICT through a signficant growth period. Dave holds a bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick.

  • Roxanne Fairweather

    Roxanne Fairweather

    Co-CEO of Innovatia Inc.

    Roxanne has 30 years experience in the telecom and knowledge management industries. Named one of Atlantic Canada’s 50 most accomplished CEO’s by Atlantic Business Magazine in 2005, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well the EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ 2013 for the Atlantic Region, Roxanne, along with her business partner, Dave Grebenc, co-lead a workforce that has grown to employ over 600 people. She has served as director of Brunswick Pipeline, LearnSphere Canada, and is a founding member of Propel ICT. She is also a renowned community leader, serving on the boards of Enterprise Saint John, Opportunities New Brunswick, University of New Brunswick and Achieve Literacy Greater Saint John. In 2014, she was inducted into the New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame. Roxanne is a graduate of University of Toronto.

  • Jeff White

    Jeff White

    Chief Financial Officer at Smartskin Technologies Inc.

    Jeff has more than 17 years of experience leading growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and both public and private capital offerings. Most recently, he was the CFO for Radian6/Salesforce, responsible for financial leadership of significant revenue, personnel and geographic expansion and providing leadership of all merger and acquisition activity. Prior to Radian6, he was a VP of corporate finance with Deloitte and the CFO for both Q1 labs and iMagicTV. Jeff holds a bachelor of business administration from St. Francis Xavier University. He is now the CFO of Smartskin Technologies and is the COO for East Valley Ventures. Jeff is passionate about local community, mentoring startups, coaching basketball and serves on a number of boards and committees.

  • Joe Allen

    Joe Allen

    Director of Investments at NBIF

    Joe serves as the Director of Investments for NBIF and is responsible for the day-to-day management of NBIF’s venture capital investment portfolio, oversees the development of new investment clients, and participates in final negotiations. Before joining NBIF in 2015, he progressed through three positions of responsibility within the Government of New Brunswick from a project executive at Business New Brunswick, to a senior advisor for the Regional Development Corporation, and Director of Operations, Local Development Division, for the Department of Economic Development. Joe also served as Chief Financial Officer of HJ Crabbe & Sons Ltd. Joe received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from the University of New Brunswick and is a Chartered Accountant. He serves his local community as a volunteer firefighter.

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