Reduce training time up to 75%

Following company processes has never been easier. Our cloud-based knowledge management software will help you make your employees experts faster.

Learning everything you need to know instantly is impossible. Or is it?

Imagine having the knowledge of your company's smartest people at your fingertips; advising you, giving direction and passing along their valuable experience.

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How It Works

ProcedureFlow turns your company’s processes and expert information into an accessible, easy to use management tool.

Step 1

Step 1 Interview a subject matter expert

In 16-20 hours you can create flows that will instantly guide new employees through what would normally require 3-5 days of classroom training.

Step 2

Step 2 Use it and see results

Employees are confident as they follow the connected procedure flows. They require less mentoring, produce higher quality work and finish the work faster.

Step 3

Step 3 Improve with use

Users can submit changes and get them approved quickly. This creates engagement within teams and promotes sharing of best practices.

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Managing your processes properly delivers benefits to every aspect of your business. You’ll see improvements companywide.

Reduce training time

Reduce training time

When you represent expert knowledge as a visual map, you give people the confidence to start the work sooner. Our customers consistently reduce training by 50-90%.

Increase work quality

Increase work quality

If you reduce training time you would think quality scores would suffer. Our customers however report double digit increases in quality scores.

Reduce mentoring time

Reduce mentoring time

It normally takes 6-12 months to ramp someone to proficiency. Why? You can train a rule of thumb, but it's the exceptions that get you. ProcedureFlow can cut your mentoring time by 50%.

Complete tasks faster

Complete tasks faster

When you use best practices and subject matter expertise, you complete tasks faster. It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong (H. Longfellow)

Happy Customers

Medavie Blue Cross Gardiner Pole Systems Bulletproof Solutions Enbridge Gas New Brunswick JM Bullion NB Power Innovatia Trauma Healing Centers Stewart McKelvey Nova Scotia Power Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

Customer Quote

“ProcedureFlow simplifies the job of our customer service representatives. It takes away stress, helping them focus on the caller and providing the best service possible.”

“With ProcedureFlow, our SOC2 and other compliance audits have become much easier now that we can quickly point to our thorough procedural controls.”

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