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Employee becomes productive when using ProcedureFlow
Employee stressed about tedious documents and processes
Say Goodbye to Piles of Documents

Tired of endlessly searching?

Put to rest the never-ending knowledge base or share drive that make it difficult to find the answers you are looking for.

  • Issues staying up to date with newest versions of documents
  • Overwhelming new employees with multiple procedures at once
  • Frustrations around long and tedious training and onboarding
  • Uncertainty around which processes to review and manage first
Say Hello to ProcedureFlow

A better way to manage your knowledge

  • Eliminate duplications
  • Increase quality and performance
  • Accelerate training and onboarding
  • Improve process creation and maintenance
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Employee becomes productive when using ProcedureFlow

120+ customers have achieved incredible results

Better productivity


Reduction in training and onboarding

Reduce Costs


Reduction in operating costs

Increase First Call Resolution


Increase in First Call Resolution

Improve Average Handle Time


Improvement in Average Handle Time

Meet ProcedureFlow

A knowledge management software designed for the modern workplace

Accerlated Time to Proficiency

Accelerate Time to Proficiency

Visual step-by-step procedures eliminate the need to memorize hundreds or thousands of process flows.

Make Customers Happy

Make Customers Happy

Reduce escalations by ensuring employees gather the right information at the right time to help them resolve issues.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Whether hybrid or remote, help employees quickly master their work without extensive, tedious training and rote memorization.

Single Source of Truth

Create a Single Source of Truth

Digitizing processes ensures that best practices are captured, even when there is employee turnover.


Hear from our customers!

Trumark Financial Credit Union

ProcedureFlow, gave us a new way of creating processes. We were able to get rid of the bulk of physical processes and now everything lives in one place.

Christine Bollendorf Assistant Vice-President, Member Services Operations

ProcedureFlow is an integral part of our employee performance architecture to successfully transition employees from training to production, support employees through change, and evaluate process adherence. It’s also a medium to facilitate process improvement discussions to continuously improve employee behaviour, customer experience, and adherence to legal, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Amanda Menard Director of Operations Administration

Prior to ProcedureFlow we always had to go back and remember versions 1.12 or 1.13. With ProcedureFlow I was able to easily make changes to the flow and they would instantly be reflected in the knowledgebase.

Alex Loveridge Collabria