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Improving the agent experience by aligning processes

Company Heartland Dental
Industry Healthcare

Instilling confidence from day one

The Heartland Dental – Patient Services Center, which provides support to over 1600 dental offices, understood firsthand the importance of providing empathetic patient care. They knew that the best way to accomplish this was by equipping their agents with the right tools and resources, allowing them to feel confident in the quality of service they were delivering.

Like many organizations, Heartland Dental was using a variety of learning materials that were scattered across Word documents, videos, and infographics. For new hires undergoing the training period, this fragmented knowledge posed a substantial hurdle as they felt overwhelmed trying to retrieve vital information while assisting patients on the phone. This challenge highlighted the pressing need for a more streamlined approach.

Heartland Dental brought on ProcedureFlow to contain all their processes in a centralized location, ensuring that agents always had the most up-to-date knowledge at their disposal. With processes for every contact scenario finally residing in one place, the transition to training with ProcedureFlow began right away. This transformative step cultivated a heightened sense of confidence within new hires, facilitating a seamless transition to independently handling live calls.

Empowering agents with a single source of truth

Ensuring the alignment of processes was especially important for Heartland Dental’s team of remote agents. Prior to ProcedureFlow, discrepancies in how tenured agents and new hires executed processes were apparent. The adoption of ProcedureFlow effectively bridged the experience level gap, as the entire team, regardless of tenure, could now easily access standardized processes within a single platform.

Considering their frequent updates to processes, Heartland Dental wanted to provide clear communication to agents about the revised steps they should follow without requiring them to attend in-office training. With ProcedureFlow serving as a singular point of reference, their team was able to instantly align on process changes right as they were implemented.

ProcedureFlow is the one source of truth for every level of our department. There’s never a question mark. No matter when you started, we all operate using the same workflows in ProcedureFlow. It makes our department more of a united front

Meghan Wahl Training and Development Manager

A focus on continuous improvement

Functioning as the collective voice of their employees, ProcedureFlow stands as a testament to Heartland Dental's commitment to continuous improvement. Every team member’s feedback is valued, empowering them to actively participate in driving changes and improvements to processes.

With the interactive ability to customize the process breakdown according to their business needs, Heartland Dental remains dedicated to enhancing their processes, thereby cultivating a positive work experience for every member of their team.

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