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How Brooks Running accelerates onboarding by centralizing processes

Company Brooks Running
Industry Retail


Reduction in training time

A single source of truth for process documentation

The retail industry is renowned for its highly competitive landscape. Whether it’s a customer’s initial encounter with the brand or after-sales support, the quality of every interaction can determine the future of the customer-brand relationship.

Brooks Running, a performance running brand, was on a mission to guarantee that their agents provided exceptional customer service at every touchpoint. They understood this would require an overhaul of their entire process documentation strategy.

In the absence of a centralized location to document processes, they found themselves resorting to the exchange of emails and screenshots to communicate crucial information within the team. This inconsistent delivery of information led to unnecessary friction and errors. They needed a designated place to store their processes, and ProcedureFlow emerged as the optimal solution.

ProcedureFlow provided Brooks with a centralized knowledge base for their processes, empowering agents with the confidence to execute their roles. The establishment of a single source of truth, alongside the ability to seamlessly collaborate for process updates, eliminated any doubts they had about process consistency or accuracy.

Decreasing information search time by simplifying processes

With ProcedureFlow, agents of all experience levels could now easily navigate processes step by step, enabling them to quickly locate precise information. ProcedureFlow’s collaborative knowledge-sharing approach enabled real-time changes to process documentation, eliminating misinformation and guaranteeing that all processes remained up to date.

ProcedureFlow is the easiest platform I’ve ever documented processes on. Our team loves how user-friendly it is, the simplicity of navigating complex processes, and being able to make quick changes anywhere, anytime.

Ashley Salter Training and Development Program Manager

Faster training and onboarding with visual processes

During the pandemic, Brooks faced an increased volume of customer inquiries about their products. At the same time, the transition of agents from in-office to remote work mandated a shift to virtual training. With ProcedureFlow, they were able to successfully expedite the onboarding of new hires, reducing the standard two-week, in-person training to just one week. This accelerated onboarding process enabled agents to start assisting customers as soon as possible.

ProcedureFlow became an essential guide for agents, ensuring their success in training and onboarding by presenting processes in an easily consumable visual format. For trainers, it served as a convenient solution for quickly onboarding groups of new hires, as ProcedureFlow became the singular point of reference for addressing all of their questions.

Using ProcedureFlow's reporting feature as a checkpoint during training and coaching sessions enabled trainers to evaluate agents' adherence to process steps, resulting in more targeted support and emphasizing the commitment to continuous improvement and development.

The impact of procedural knowledge management

ProcedureFlow is now an integral part of Brooks’ customer service department, serving as the singular platform where everyone can easily find the information they need.

In an effort to facilitate knowledge sharing and streamline inquiries regarding customer service processes, Brooks plans to extend the implementation of ProcedureFlow into additional departments. This initiative is set to improve cross-collaboration, align processes, and increase consistency throughout the entire organization.

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