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How TruMark Financial reduced compliance audit time by 80%

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The challenge of complex procedures

It is no surprise that financial service organizations have thousands of procedures. As a heavily regulated industry, adhering to these procedures is important for their success. The Member Services team at TruMark Financial realized that they had highly complex processes and lengthy knowledge base articles that were leaving agents confused. When agents are on the phone, every minute counts. They need easy access to information to be able to provide members with answers quickly. The use of traditional knowledge bases was causing agents to go silent on calls and increased the number of support tickets.

Like many other organizations, TruMark Financial created cheat sheets to try and remedy the situation. The challenge was that as those cheat sheets increased, the more challenging it became to keep them updated. TruMark Financial wanted to improve their agents’ access to information and a quicker way for them to understand procedures.

Minimizing complexity through mapping procedural knowledge

TruMark Financial brought on ProcedureFlow to help improve the agent experience and in turn the overall member experience. A team of Member Service Representatives was assembled and began working with the ProcedureFlow team to map out their most complicated processes. The professional services team guided TruMark through best practices of mapping out their processes and in a matter of hours the team was able to create processes and edit them significantly faster than ever before.

ProcedureFlow gave us a new way of creating processes. We were able to get rid of the bulk of physical processes and now everything lives in one place.

Christine Bollendorf Assistant Vice-President, Member Services Operations

When auditing season came around, TruMark Financial was able to leverage ProcedureFlow. By law, financial institutions are required to have annual audits where auditors visit branches and collect evidence of compliance with regulations. This creates a lot of extra work for financial institutions, but this year TruMark Financial’s auditing experience was different. With ProcedureFlow, TruMark was able to provide auditors evidence of compliance of all their processes, and when auditors requested a change, TruMark Financial was able to update a process, push it to their live environment, and notify every one of the change within minutes. These improvements resulted in an 80% reduction in compliance time.

Improving the agent and member experience

Within three months of implementation, TruMark Financial saw a dramatic improvement across their Member Service Center team.
As agents’ performance began to improve, there was a sudden drop in support tickets. With a tool designed to assist agents on every possible scenario, they were now able to self-serve without compromising their call quality scores. As a result, ProcedureFlow expanded across branches and Branch Operations, Learning and Development, and Member Experience teams.
TruMark Financial now has a procedural knowledge management system that supports new employees leaving the training program as they take on their first call. As a result, new employees are now more confident in their role and become proficient much faster. This leads to a positive employee experience and delivering exceptional outcomes for their members.

About TruMark Financial Credit Union

TruMark Financial is one of the strongest, most progressive credit unions in the nation, offering a full range of banking, investing, and insurance services to more than 131,000 members in Southeastern Pa.

Founded in 1939, TruMark Financial is headquartered in Fort Washington, Pa., and has approximately $2.8 billion in assets through its 24 branches, Call Center, and a suite of innovative online and mobile banking services. To learn more about TruMark Financial, visit their website or call 1-877-TRUMARK. Connect with TruMark Financial at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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