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Improving internal processes to better support students

Company Keyano College
Industry Post-Secondary Education

You have to get this. It has been life changing! We now have better visibility into our processes and have been able to reduce training time from months to a few weeks!

Candice Crossley
Candice Crossley Assistant Registrar

Lost information in transfering knowledge

For more than half a century, Keyano College has been offering programs that lead to certificates, diplomas, certificates of qualifications (trades), and baccalaureate degrees. The College also supports professional development through a wide range of corporate training programs. With dozens of these programs available and thousands of students to support, Keyano’s staff requires a strong understanding of how to execute many types of complicated processes. This drives the need for a standardized way to document processes, as well as a location that enables quick and easy access.

When Keyano began struggling with high turnover rates, they were not just losing employees, they were also losing all the knowledge of processes each person had acquired over months or sometimes even years. As highly knowledgeable employees moved on to other opportunities, new employees would enter and repeat the cycle over again. Adding to this challenge, Keyano was lacking a standardized way to document their processes. Processes were everywhere, stored across multiple locations from word documents in a shared drive to sticky notes on desks. Needless to say, this created significant challenges with consistency.

Faster onboarding through simplified proccesses

After trying several solutions that were ultimately unsuccessful, Keyano was introduced to ProcedureFlow. They quickly saw the value of the solution largely because of its ability to display complex processes in a simple way. Keyano quickly got started mapping the Office of the Registrar’s most complicated processes inside ProcedureFlow and began to see dramatic improvements right away. In addition to greater consistency and reduced errors, Keyano was able to train and onboard employees significantly faster. With ProcedureFlow, knowledge was no longer disappearing as employees moved on to other opportunities. Important information, and every process an employee needed to start work was easy to find, access, and follow. These improvements allowed Keyano to reduce their training time from several months to just a few weeks. Following this success, Keyano mapped their admissions and registration processes inside ProcedureFlow, and have since expanded into student registration, assistant registrar duties and their front line. Today Keyano continues to find new ways to use ProcedureFlow including other departments like HR, Finance, and IT.

With ProcedureFlow as their guide for every type of process, employees have a newly found confidence which only continues to grow as they contribute to creating and maintaining their documented processes. Today, instead of searching in shared file drives, or sifting through sticky notes, employees have one location where they can quickly and easily get the information they need. The final result? With employees now working confidently, they’re able to better support the thousands of students who call Keyano College home.

Keyano’s transformation enabled them to:

  • Reduce training time from months down to a few weeks.
  • Improve confidence of their many employees.
  • Reduce errors and improve consistency of student records.
  • Better support students.
  • Easily transition to working from home when COVID-19 started.
  • Eliminate knowledge lost as a result of turnover
  • Reduce process complexity

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