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How Nymbus improves CSAT by streamlining processes across teams

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Reduction in training time


CSAT achieved

The decision to improve process accuracy and consistency

Offering a pivotal solution to banks and credit unions across the United States, Nymbus overcomes geographical limitations by enabling them to market to anybody across the country through the launch of digital banks. Handling operations of these digital banks, from front-office support through their call center to back-end processing, Nymbus ensures a seamless banking experience for their end-users.

Operating as a fully remote company, Nymbus initially relied on a shared Google Drive where each client had a designated folder housing a multitude of processes. With agents required to handle all banking-related calls, this approach proved inefficient as documents quickly became outdated. Nymbus recognized the need to reduce process complexity for agents handling multiple clients.

With the guidance of ProcedureFlow's change management plan, Nymbus streamlined their processes to ensure accuracy and consistency. ProcedureFlow’s user-friendly interface facilitated the creation of processes that were easy to understand and navigate. This transition resolved the challenges of inefficiency and scalability as it established centralized, easily updatable processes segregated by each client's specific needs.

Centralizing processes to reduce training time

Nymbus’ approach to training has undergone a significant shift with ProcedureFlow. Instead of overwhelming new hires with extensive information, Nymbus now teaches them how to effectively use ProcedureFlow from day one. By serving as a centralized repository, ProcedureFlow has empowered agents to independently find information and resolve customer issues while ensuring compliance and consistency across interactions.

This streamlined training approach significantly reduced training time, with new hires able to start their roles after just two weeks, compared to four weeks prior to ProcedureFlow.

ProcedureFlow has become a valuable coaching tool for reviewing process comprehension and adherence with agents. Nymbus’ QA scores have improved as they conduct more thorough audits with ProcedureFlow by ensuring agents complete all required process steps and identifying any gaps within processes that need to be updated.

Expanding to teams outside of the contact center

Initially intended for their contact center, Nymbus quickly discovered the versatility of ProcedureFlow and extended its use to application processing, quality assurance, and back-office processing. ProcedureFlow’s capability to facilitate "if this, then that" processes made it an essential tool across the organization.

The implementation of ProcedureFlow has ensured seamless continuity within Nymbus’ teams, even in the event of absences or transitions. In scenarios where a team member is unavailable, ProcedureFlow ensures a seamless transition for a replacement, enabling them to easily step in and carry out tasks with clarity and efficiency.

By streamlining processes across Nymbus’ teams, ProcedureFlow contributed to an impressive 98% CSAT score.

As a centralized hub for all our processes, ProcedureFlow is the only way we can operate. It works for any ‘if this, then that’ process scenario, and we found value in using ProcedureFlow in areas outside our contact center, including back-office and application processing.

Meredythe Miles Senior Vice President, Digital Experience Center

A focus on continuous growth

With a commitment to streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, Nymbus has integrated ProcedureFlow into every facet of their operations. What began as a small initiative has grown into a comprehensive solution, serving as a one-stop shop for all their teams' needs.

As Nymbus continues to expand, ProcedureFlow will remain an essential knowledge management solution, evolving alongside Nymbus to meet the needs of their growing client base and teams.

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