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Simplifying procedures reduces onboarding time by 25%

Company Assumption Life
Industry Insurance

The decision to improve procedures

Companies that excel in the customer service industry know that when the status quo is no longer viable, it’s time to consider new and innovative ways to do things differently.

This was the case for Assumption Life, a life insurance company with a commitment to customer service and their community, as stated in their motto “Try to make a difference”. They recognized the challenges faced by their employees in delivering exceptional customer service. Outdated tools that were difficult to understand and navigate placed immense pressure on their employees while handling calls. And with the absence of logically mapped procedures, training new employees was becoming increasingly difficult, which meant a lengthy and often frustrating onboarding process.

Acknowledging the need for organizational change, Assumption Life sought to implement new technology that would simplify their employees’ work without overwhelming them during the learning process. The intention was to streamline day-to-day operations by leveraging existing knowledge and making it more accessible.

With ProcedureFlow's innovative visual knowledge management software, Assumption Life found the solution they were looking for.

Seamless implementation with easy process mapping

The implementation process proved to be a significant win for Assumption Life.

Embracing the transition in technology with zero resistance, Assumption Life employees instantly adopted the new approach. Procedures were mapped out quickly and seamlessly, with the entire team starting usage right away. The benefits were clear—with a user-friendly interface, interactive features, and simple navigation, new employees could start utilizing ProcedureFlow from day one.

The positive impact on employee experience

Embarking on a journey to improve their training program and the time spent on it, Assumption Life hoped that new hires would be able to take live calls as soon as possible while equipping them with the optimal resources needed during the onboarding process. They set a goal to reduce their 6-week onboarding time by at least 10-15%.

When their new employees started using ProcedureFlow, they exceeded their expectations. Assumption Life was able to successfully cut onboarding time from an average of 6-8 weeks to an impressive 4-6 weeks, representing an improvement of 25%.

New employees are now able to grasp procedures swiftly, enabling them to confidently utilize procedures on their own and reducing the need for constant supervision, even during the training and nesting period.

The positive impact of ProcedureFlow has extended well beyond the training program. All employees now have access to mapped-out procedures, empowering them to deliver exceptional customer service at every touchpoint.

The power of procedural knowledge management

ProcedureFlow's quick and easy implementation process, combined with its ability to simplify procedures and significantly reduce onboarding time, has made a lasting impact on Assumption Life. Impressed by the results, Assumption Life plans to expand ProcedureFlow across other departments, leveraging its success to enhance process efficiency throughout the organization.

Assumption Life serves as a compelling testament to the remarkable results that can be achieved when organizations embrace innovative solutions to empower employees, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and elevate contact center operations.

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