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How Flexiti decreases AHT by optimizing standard operating procedures

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The challenge of navigating lengthy documentation

As a financial services payment processing company, Flexiti takes pride in bringing flexible payment solutions to all. Specializing in providing financing options for various retailers, Flexiti aims to improve customer affordability and retailer sales by emphasizing consistency and excellence in customer service processes.

While handling customer inquiries, Flexiti's agents directly encountered operational inefficiencies exacerbated by poor documentation, loss of information, and the absence of a centralized knowledge base. Standard operating procedures were dispersed across lengthy documents, making access inefficient and time-consuming. With hundreds of documents scattered throughout Sharepoint, agents required a more effective approach to retrieve accurate information during customer calls.

In response to these challenges, Flexiti worked to identify training needs and process gaps. Leveraging data insights and customer and merchant feedback, they decided to implement ProcedureFlow, a knowledge management solution that would centralize their processes by establishing a single source of truth. Initially piloted within the customer service team, ProcedureFlow quickly gained traction as its adoption extended beyond customer service to encompass areas such as credit fraud, internal online and offline collections, and escalations.

Optimizing procedures to create a consistent employee and customer experience

Transitioning from Sharepoint to ProcedureFlow proved to be a straightforward process for Flexiti with the support of the ProcedureFlow team. Within just a few months, all agents were successfully migrated to ProcedureFlow as it was quickly adopted by the entire contact center.

Beyond serving as a tool for guiding agents, the adoption of ProcedureFlow presented an invaluable opportunity to reassess and refine Flexiti’s existing procedures. This review process led to the identification of outdated and irrelevant procedures, which had been cumbersome to update within PDF documents.

The adoption of ProcedureFlow streamlined agent workflows by optimizing Flexiti’s standard operating procedures. Instead of searching through numerous documents, ProcedureFlow allowed users to easily access information in real-time, ensuring customer-facing agents would receive the answers they need exactly when they need them. This simplified agents’ work while ensuring a consistent and reliable experience for customers, irrespective of the agent they interacted with.

By serving as a single source of truth and offering step-by-step guidance to agents during customer interactions, ProcedureFlow eliminated the guesswork and anxiety agents would experience during a call.

This process consistency contributed to a 40-second decrease in average handle time (AHT), ultimately improving the employee and customer experience.

Implementing ProcedureFlow has made our agents’ lives easier by creating consistency and removing the intimidation and guesswork around our processes. Agent satisfaction is the highest it’s ever been in our contact center and customers benefit from a better, more consistent customer experience.

Ryan Janicki VP of Operations

Improving agent performance, satisfaction, and morale

Transitioning from a previously inefficient system, Flexiti’s agents instantly recognized the benefits of ProcedureFlow. Their AHT decreased as ProcedureFlow's intuitive interface simplified processes and established consistency and confidence among agents.

By providing clear, step-by-step guidance, ProcedureFlow alleviated stress and uncertainty for agents, ensuring they could efficiently address customer inquiries. As a result, ProcedureFlow contributed to a more positive employee experience in a contact center environment often plagued by attrition challenges. Flexiti’s observed improvement in attrition rates over the past year underscored ProcedureFlow’s role in enhancing agent satisfaction and morale.

With ProcedureFlow, Flexiti’s processes became adaptable, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and ensuring operational efficiency. When agents expressed confusion or identified areas needing improvement, process changes could be quickly implemented in ProcedureFlow. Additionally, the platform's reporting capabilities provided valuable insights into agent usage, aiding in coaching and performance improvement initiatives.

The impact of procedural knowledge management

Flexiti’s projected annual savings, ranging from $300,000 to $600,000, emphasize ProcedureFlow's impact on operational efficiency and agent performance.

Looking ahead, Flexiti is committed to a strategy of continuous improvement by regularly reviewing, updating, and expanding their procedures. Their offline teams have started creating their own flows, signaling a broader integration of ProcedureFlow across the organization.

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