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The feedback from the team has been positive. Employees outside of contact center teams have said how easy it is to use ProcedureFlow to understand how certain procedures are being done and helps them quickly uncover gaps in the process that require updates.

Alex Loveridge Senior Business Analyst for Customer and Client Experience and Contact Centers

The impact of real time changes

The pandemic changed the way many organizations deliver information to their employees. New procedures are being rolled out frequently and managing hybrid and fully remote teams can create challenges when you don’t have the right systems in place.

Collabria was looking for a better way to centralize, update, and maintain procedures. Most of their processes lived in paper copies, word documents, and other traditional knowledgebases. As more and more procedures were added, it was becoming impossible to update and maintain effectively.

In February 2020, Collabria launched ProcedureFlow within their fraud and dispute teams. When the pandemic hit, they were forced to accelerate their implementation plans. Teams were receiving large number of inquiries from customers who needed support due to the emerging pandemic.

Using ProcedureFlow, Collabria created a set of procedures to provide agents with talking points and information related to ways they could support cardholders impacted by the first lockdown and pandemic. This was an emergency roll out and a successful use case as it demonstrated how quickly and effectively, they could roll out information to their teams and support customers in real time.

With Procedureflow in place, the team was able to quickly adapt to the evolving situation, making live changes as new information and procedures emerged.

Prior to ProcedureFlow we always had to go back and remember versions 1.12 or 1.13. With ProcedureFlow I was able to easily make changes to the flow and they would instantly be reflected in the knowledgebase.

Alex Loveridge Senior Business Analyst for Customer and Client Experience and Contact Centers

The power of visual procedures

Traditional knowledge bases are mostly text-based and provide a list of procedures. The downside is they do not cater to different learning styles one might encounter in the workplace. Everyone learns in different ways and to ensure employees are confident on the job from day one, it is important to appeal to these different models.

ProcedureFlow appeals to both visual and text-based learners. The ability to add images and screenshots helps employees quickly understand concepts and visually guide them through the procedure. Whether you are a brand-new employee or a long-time employee seeing the procedure for the first time, everyone can follow the process accurately.

Visual processes provide everyone across the organization with a centralized bird’s eye view of existing workflows. Employees can quickly go in, review the procedure, and understand the steps that are being taken towards resolution.

Improving service quality and accuracy

Not only is Collabria able to maintain and roll out processes and procedures, but they have also seen improvements in service quality and accuracy. Agents are providing more consistent and accurate service to customers reducing the number of service errors created.

With the accurate information in place and available in one platform, agents also reduced average handle time as they no longer needed to look for information.

As a credit union partner that assists with credit card products, access to accurate information is vital to Collabria's businesses.

With Procedureflow, Collabria now has a knowledge base that assists with confidently supporting partners and cardholders.

In a business that protects what matters most to customers, establishing trust and providing the best possible customer experience is essential. Associates are now more confident in their ability to provide the best customer experience.

About Collabria

Collabria Financial Services Inc. is a customer-centric credit card solutions provider to Canadian credit unions and financial institutions. It operates through collaboration based on cooperative principles with its clients and partners to deliver a broad range of Mastercard and Visa network branded consumer and business credit card propositions.

Collabria’s products and services allow the largest to the smallest credit unions to offer credit cards that carry their own brands and access scale and capabilities that only the largest financial institutions have had access to.

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