A ProcedureFlow customer success story - Trauma Healing Centers Improving speed, accuracy, and patient care

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As society better understands the impacts of PTSD on veterans, first responders and civilians, the demands for treatment from healthcare professionals and their employees only increase. Speed, accuracy and compassion matter.

Trauma Healing Centers (THC) is a dedicated team of health professionals and veterans focused on helping people who suffer from PTSD, trauma, chronic pain or disabling illness. Demand for their services was increasing - and increasing quickly. They required an effective and efficient way to document repeatable processes that could easily be shared with new partners and practitioners – across a growing number of locations.

“Our goal is to improve the quality of life of those we are working with through both traditional and non-traditional methods. With ProcedureFlow, the need for formal training is significantly reduced. We are able to get new employees and physicians onboarded quickly, so that they can confidently begin working with our patients sooner.”

GM of Clinic Operations

In a rapidly growing business like THC, with locations across different cities and provinces, consistency, accuracy and speed are critical. Before ProcedureFlow, THC had little process documentation, and what they did have consisted mostly of Word documents that were difficult for employees to find, read and interpret. THC realized that for their business to continue to grow quickly and meet increasing patient demands, they needed a new knowledge tool - one that would grow with them.

After implementing ProcedureFlow, the benefits for THC are clear:

  • Processes are created 40% faster than with traditional publishing tools.
  • Process changes are now easy to make and employees are immediately notified of changes in a timely and visual manner.
  • Accuracy and consistency among employees - a critically important factor when you have multiple locations - is significantly improved.
  • Process documentation can be accessed from any where, providing timely support for new and existing employees and practitioners, no matter where they are located.
  • Employees are trained faster and more efficiently, freeing up senior employees to focus on higher value work and improved patient care.

By implementing ProcedureFlow, THC’s employees learn processes quicker and execute processes consistently – no matter where they are located. In a business that is growing rapidly across Ontario and Atlantic Canada, THC’s employees are confident in what they do and are able to provide the best possible care to their patients and families.

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