Reduce errors and improve accuracy

Reduce costly claims errors, and ensure your members receive quick and accurate answers to their questions.

Transformative results


Increase in First Call Resolution


Reduction in Escalations


More Claims Processed

See how agents navigate complexity with ease

Reduce claims errors

Increase accuracy of claims processed to reduce errors and improve your bottom line. Help employees serve members with ease, and increase first call resolution by 6%.

Reduce claim errors

Improve member experience

Ensure your members receive a consistent and seamless customer experience. Empower your team and improve the quality and consistency of service.

Improve member experience

Simplify complex processes

Help your team navigate the most challenging claims and call scenarios with visual step by step guidance that even new hires can follow and understand.

Reduce escalations

Trusted by leading brands

"ProcedureFlow allows our CSR’s to easily drive through our complicated systems and processes. It lets them focus on offering the best service to our members. As a result, we reduced the number of calls to our Tier Two support line by 40%. This has a significant impact to our customer service and to our bottom line."

Medavie Blue Cross was able to reduce escalations to tier 2 support by 40%.

A solution custom built for your business

  • An agent's guide through complex calls.
  • A place for all of your contact center's information.
  • Manager's solution for continuous improvement.
  • Training & support tools for your agents, team leads, and supervisors.

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