A ProcedureFlow customer story - Customer Service Company Decreasing average handle time by 2 minutes for tenured employees

  • smile Quality 12% higher
  • tada Average handle time 2 min. shorter

In a highly competitive industry, the battle for customers’ hearts is fought with new technology, special features and great pricing. However, the ultimate weapon is customer service. The best way to deliver exceptional customer service is by arming agents with great performance support and knowledge management tools.

“ProcedureFlow allows your operations team to capture the way your experts think and share it in a way that everyone can use.”

Director of Contact Center Operations

One telecommunications company has been rocking their competition with innovation and creativity in their operations and customer experience. Until recently, their customer service was powered by agent scripting, with links out to knowledge base articles and fl owchart diagrams. Over time, this system became difficult to update, the processes became fragmented, and agents found it difficult to navigate.

“This is by far the best tool for troubleshooting and information.”

Knowing that their current system was holding them back from delivering even better customer service, the operations team considered ProcedureFlow and selected it based on its ease of creating centralized, logical and easy to follow processes. That, and the fact that process creation time was 40% faster with ProcedureFlow over their previous agent scripting tool.

“I cannot say enough good things about ProcedureFlow.”

Their agents love how quickly ProcedureFlow loads, how easy it is to follow and navigate, and the clean look of the user interface. Compared with agent scripting, which only moves forward and gives too little information on each screen, ProcedureFlow provides detailed, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and users can navigate backward and forward as needed. On launch day, a collective cheer rose from the team leads and trainers when they learned they could click the ‘back’ button on their browser without having to worry about the system disconnecting!

“This is easy to use and understand.”

Additionally, with some adjustments to the training program and the use of ProcedureFlow, trainees achieved quality assurance scores 12% higher than in previous classes. Another group saw a 2 minute decrease in average handle time for their tenured agents! All of this speaks to the incredible impact of turning standard operating procedures into visual, logical and easy to follow flows. ProcedureFlow also makes it easy for users, team leads and trainers to provide feedback in real time. This has resulted in greater consistency, increased knowledge sharing and shared best practices.

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