73 Percent of contact center training to remain virtual post-pandemic.

73 Percent of contact center training to remain virtual post-pandemic.

SAINT JOHN, NB, CANADA - June 10th, 2021 - ProcedureFlow, a revolutionary knowledge management solution, conducted a study into the current state of contact center training in 2021. The survey targeted contact center leaders responsible for training and training resources, to answer questions such as: What is the true length of training and onboarding time? What are the greatest challenges and areas of improvement when it comes to training? What does the future of contact center training look like post-pandemic?

The study found that over half (55%) of contact centers take 6-12 weeks to complete training & onboarding for new agents. The challenge of long training and onboarding times became evident when survey respondents were asked about speed to proficiency. Over a third of contact centers stated that it takes between 5-7 months for new agents to reach proficiency. Furthermore, contact center leaders listed “helping agents reach proficiency faster” as the greatest area of improvement in their training program.

“The demand for shorter training times and improved onboarding experiences is proven through our recent Market Study,” says ProcedureFlow CEO Daniella DeGrace. “We’re happy to be able to play a part in helping contact centers better prepare their agents, and reach proficiency faster”.

When it came to remote training, 73% of respondents said that at least portions of their training will remain virtual post-pandemic. To learn more about the current and future state of contact center training, download the full report, available now.

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ProcedureFlow teamed up with The Analyst Agency to conduct market research. The Analyst Agency is an operations & strategic consulting firm with locations in Buffalo, Toronto, & Mumbai that provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative market research, business analysis, marketing, and technology advisory services for a large variety of clients in a number of diverse industries, including advertising agencies, banking and financial services, healthcare companies, real estate and construction developers, law firms, and more.

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ProcedureFlow is a reimagined contact center knowledge base. It makes the most complicated information easy and intuitive to create, maintain, and use, even in highly regulated and complicated industries. We provide every employee with the exact information they need to handle any contact scenario, making employees confident in their abilities very close to day one on the job. ProcedureFlow allows organizations to leverage the knowledge and expertise of their top performers, and put it into the hands of every employee, improving quality and consistency. This allows organizations to transform traditional classroom training to “learning by doing”, creating a more motivating and engaging environment for employees. For more information, visit procedureflow.com.


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