A ProcedureFlow customer success story - YMCA Newcomer Connections Spending less time looking and more time doing

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The YMCA of Greater Saint John’s Newcomer Connections has been welcoming newcomers into the community for 25 years, assisting immigrants and refugees with their settlement needs and facilitating their integration and participation in the community. Newcomer Connections offers a diverse range of programs and services to their clients, including English language classes, employment and school readiness programs and introductions to Canadian culture.

"Here at YMCA Newcomer Connections, we serve an incredibly diverse group of clients, with a growing and unique sets of needs. ProcedureFlow helps us ensure consistency of service across multiple departments and funding structures. Its highly visual and simple interface means that we spend less time 'looking' and more time 'doing'. It is especially helpful in onboarding new staff and helping them understand how all the different pieces of the YMCA puzzle fit together.”

Angelique Simpson, VP of Newcomers and Community Connections

As newcomers to Canada and to the community, the clients have a lot of questions that go along with their settlement needs, and employees had to look for the answers to the information their clients needed. Experienced employees had a lot of knowledge but as employees go on vacation or move on, this information might go with them. ProcedureFlow provided them with a solution by being able to store information in one version and one location.

ProcedureFlow allows Newcomer Connections to quickly capture and document the information that was in their employees’ heads and store it in one central location. This greatly improved their ability to serve their clients – now when a client asks a question, employees immediately know where to find the answer quickly and easily.

Newcomer Connections loves using ProcedureFlow and are enjoying its many benefits:

  • Information is stored in one easily accessible, central location.
  • Critical information is now easily documented, shared and maintained, and is unaffected by employee absences and turnover.
  • Training and onboarding processes for new employees are improved, and they feel more comfortable faster.

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