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Precision, accuracy, and timeliness are essential elements of customer service that clients expect from law firms. Achieving a high degree of professionalism is not easy. Innovative firms recognize the value in proactively implementing the right solution. For this client, choosing to implement ProcedureFlow increased the efficiency of the firm’s employees and decreased training time.

ProcedureFlow makes it easy for existing employees and new hires to become experts faster.

“With ProcedureFlow, we have easy-to-understand process maps that are accessible by all employees whenever they need them, making it easy for new and existing employees to become experts faster.

Our employees have been extremely receptive and find the flows very helpful, particularly for the tasks they don’t necessarily perform every day.”

Training and Orientation Manager

This law firm knew their current training methods were not working for them, and did not meet their high standards for client service.

  • Training on new software was delivered in a conference room, with limited access to computers. This was not only time consuming, but also required planning around multiple resources and schedules. Last minute client needs often resulted in training being rescheduled.
  • Training documentation consisted mostly of Word documents that were time consuming to create and maintain, and difficult to access.
  • It was a challenge to keep training materials up-to-date and current. Senior employees were often called away to provide support and respond to questions from junior employees and new hires.

“ProcedureFlow not only makes it very easy to update processes and notify all employees in a timely and visual manner, but it provides support for newly trained legal assistants, lawyers and students, giving them access to documentation anytime, anywhere.”

Chief Operating Officer

The benefits of ProcedureFlow are huge for this legal firm.

  • ProcedureFlow turns complicated information into highly visual and easy to use roadmaps.
  • Employees are quickly trained and cross-trained, spending less time in the classroom and more time “learning by doing”, improving quality and consistency.
  • With ProcedureFlow, senior employees can focus on higher value work, delegating routine work to junior employees.
  • Procedures are updated in real-time, and employees receive updates in a timely and visual manner, improving productivity and the client experience.
  • ProcedureFlow enables legal assistants to “float” between roles efficiently and effectively by providing clear and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

By implementing procedureflow, this law firm has empowered its employees to have the right information available at the right time, from any location. This means their client’s needs are always put first and are addressed in the most professional and cost effective manner possible.

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