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Safety, reliability and customer service that is second to none is important for all businesses. For a natural gas supplier, however, these elements become absolutely critical.

“Our adoption and daily use of ProcedureFlow has not only given us a better view of our current business processes, it has also served to illuminate the areas in which we can improve.”

Jon Wilson, Manager, Information Technology

Owned by Enbridge Inc., a North American leader in delivering energy, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick (EGNB) distributes natural gas as a safe and reliable energy source to more than 12,000 commercial, residential, institutional and industrial customers throughout southern New Brunswick.

In the highly competitive energy marketplace, EGNB took a practical approach, including a decision to implement ProcedureFlow, to improve their operations, make a positive change in the business and position EGNB for future success.

“ProcedureFlow is part of the tool kit we use to map our 'as is' processes, in support of our continuous improvement initiatives. It has very much become part of our culture.”

Jon Wilson, Manager, Information Technology

With ProcedureFlow, EGNB quickly mapped their “as is” processes, allowing them to:

  • Document monthly financial billing and reporting, gas supply, information technology and regulatory processes to protect against unexpected employee leaves and absences.
  • Quickly see the areas where there are gaps and opportunities for improvement, with a view to assessing which process improvement opportunities should be prioritized.
  • Create a centralized process library where all the organization’s process documentation is held and can be easily accessed by employees no matter where they are located.

In addition to mapping “as is” processes, EGNB leverages ProcedureFlow to ensure:

  • Employees are quickly trained and cross-trained, spending less time in the classroom and more time “learning by doing”, improving both quality and consistency.
  • Process documentation can be created 40% faster than with traditional publishing tools.
  • New employees are trained faster and more efficiently, allowing senior employees to delegate routine tasks to junior employees and focus on higher value work.
  • The business is quickly able to respond to change(s) in the marketplace and employees immediately receive notification of updates in a timely and visual manner.

By leveraging ProcedureFlow, EGNB has given their employees one single source of truth and has laid the first stone in their journey toward continuous improvement. EGNB can also now respond more quickly and efficiently to changes in the marketplace, a critical element to EGNB’s continued success in the highly competitive energy industry.

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